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Ride the Gravel Revolution!

Be a part of the Next Big Thing!

CX/Gravel/Adventure – whatever name you give it, this thrilling, do it all style of cycling is changing the way we ride! We’ve been part of this movement since 2010 – and you can join us at cxsportive.com!

Quality cycle events since 1989

At the Cycle Events Organisation, we are committed to bringing you the best organised, friendliest and most enjoyable cycling events you can find. We’ve been doing this for a long time now, and have organised something like a thousand events (in all honesty we’ve lost count, but it’s seriously somewhere around that number), so you can be sure that we know how to design the best courses, provide you the best support and give you the best day out on the bike. Our events cover road, off road and mixed terrain riding, with different courses and distances on most events, so there’s almost certainly something for you! Check out our different event websites here, and find your next great ride today!

Southern Sportive

Southern Sportive have been providing top quality road cycling events since 2006. As part of the Cycle Events Organisation we bought 20 years of events experience ot the sportve scene and have been instrumental in developing this exciting movement in cycling!

Those are our credentials anyway; all you really need to know is that we’re committed to bringing you the best rides on the best courses, with the friendliest and most professional team.

Trail Break Mounatain Bike Events

With Trail Break, we’ve been providing great mountain bike events since before the ‘events industry’ was even a thing. We were there when MTB first kicked off, and we put events on because we wanted to share the thrill of it.  Back then, suspension meant bending your arms and legs, and flourescent purple was an acceptable colour for bike parts and lycra. A lot has changed. But riding bikes hasn’t; not really. A good ride is timeless; it’s you and the bike against whatever the trail has in store. It was fun then, and it still is now. That’s why we’re still running events all these years on.

The bikes we ride and the way we ride them are changing, and versatility is the new watchword. CX Sportive events are inspired by the new generation of cross and gravel bikes, the latest 29″ & 27.5″ MTBs and by old skool classic riding attitudes when the bike you rode didn’t define the way you were supposed to ride it. Course mix up different shades road and off road riding to create avaried and exciting experience. All you need is a bike and a can-do attitude. Join in and rediscover the joy of riding without limits!

Fully Supported

Our events are designed to give you all back up you need, so you can get on with the riding bit!

Keep on Track

Our routes are fully signed, and you get maps, GPS support and emergency  back up too!

Beat your Best

RFID timing all events lets you challenge your limits and see how you match up to the pack!

...and Relax!

What’s a ride without tea and cakes to follow? Or even better, a bowl of our home made chilli?
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