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Trail Break Mountain Bike Events

Trail Break

Trail Break was formed out of a forward thinking corporate fitness programme in the late 1980s that provided off-road cycling to all those people that had been motivated enough to buy a bike but didn’t know how or where to use it. As the popularity of the sport expanded, demand grew and the service was opened up to the general public as a self managed events programme.

From day one, Trail Break has kept to its original aims and set out to provide new events and services that satisfied what people were really looking for – combining the excitement and physical challenges of mountain biking with the social aspects of a laid back sport. We have always maintained a commitment to bringing novices into the sport and helping them develop the skill and confidence to progress as riders, as well as catering for experienced mountain bikers.

The result has been a range of services that is as wide as it is deep. From 1994 to now, Trail Break has continued to move forward, bringing new ideas and turning old ones into classic events. From a 12 mile Saturday beginners ride around the north downs, to huge Trans-Andean Challenges, Trail Break have provided more mountain bike events and event types to more riders than anyone in the UK.